Important NotesΒΆ

  • All downloaded and processed images are stored at your home directory in landsat forlder: ~/landsat
  • The image thumbnail web address that is included in the results can be used to make sure that clouds are not obscuring the subject of interest. Run the search again if you need to narrow down your result and then start downloading images. Each image is usually more than 700mb and it might takes a very long time if there are too many images to download
  • Image processing is a very heavy and resource consuming task. Each process takes about 5-10 mins. We recommend that you run the processes in smaller badges. Pansharpening, while increasing image resolution 2x, substantially increases processing time.
  • Landsat-util requires at least 2GB of Memory (RAM).
  • Make sure to read over the section on returned products as it is different depending on scene acquisition date.