Source code for landsat.mixins

# Pansharpened Image Process using Rasterio
# Landsat Util
# License: CC0 1.0 Universal

import sys
import subprocess
from termcolor import colored

[docs]class VerbosityMixin(object): """ Verbosity Mixin that generates beautiful stdout outputs. """ verbose = False
[docs] def output(self, value, normal=False, color=None, error=False, arrow=False, indent=None): """ Handles verbosity of this calls. if priority is set to 1, the value is printed if class instance verbose is True, the value is printed :param value: a string representing the message to be printed :type value: String :param normal: if set to true the message is always printed, otherwise it is only shown if verbosity is set :type normal: boolean :param color: The color of the message, choices: 'red', 'green', 'blue' :type normal: String :param error: if set to true the message appears in red :type error: Boolean :param arrow: if set to true an arrow appears before the message :type arrow: Boolean :param indent: indents the message based on the number provided :type indent: Boolean :returns: void """ if error and value and (normal or self.verbose): return self._print(value, color='red', indent=indent) if self.verbose or normal: return self._print(value, color, arrow, indent) return
[docs] def subprocess(self, argv): """ Execute subprocess commands with proper ouput. This is no longer used in landsat-util :param argv: A list of subprocess arguments :type argv: List :returns: void """ if self.verbose: proc = subprocess.Popen(argv, stderr=subprocess.PIPE) else: proc = subprocess.Popen(argv, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE) self.output(, error=True) return
[docs] def exit(self, message): """ outputs an exit message and exits :param message: The message to be outputed :type message: String :returns: void """ self.output(message, normal=True, color="green") sys.exit()
def _print(self, msg, color=None, arrow=False, indent=None): """ Print the msg with the color provided. """ if color: msg = colored(msg, color) if arrow: msg = colored('===> ', 'blue') + msg if indent: msg = (' ' * indent) + msg sys.stdout.write(msg + '\n') return msg